About Mercan Kimya

Established in Denizli in1977, Mercan Kimya, is known to be Turkey’s first company that produces paraffin.

It is producing various paraffin and paraffin emulsions according to their technical specifications used in candles, matches, paper, textiles, battery, lamination, gunpowder, crayons, polishing, enamel, cable, chroming, casting, leather, knitting, electronic circuit soldering, chipboard, egg viol, concrete casting, concrete admixture material industries.


about paraffin

It offers reliable solutions for your sector with our product diversity in paraffin and our quality.

about emulsion

Mercan Kimya increases your productivity with paraffin emulsions, high performance, usage efficiency and safety.

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about petroleum jelly

You will feel the Mercan Kimya quality in petroleum jelly.

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