Human Resources

Pricing: To be satisfied with the business that a person is working, firstly he/she has to thought that he/she got a fair wage. Owned qualifications, the value of the work done, in the case of display performance and be charged according to the market rates charged the existence of a fair wage system can be said. To do this establishing of work valuation and performance valuation systems , conducting market research are based in our company.

Increasing company loyalty: Loyalty to company, to stay as company member, efforting for company, believing goals and values of company are composed of all elements. As HR; selective staffing, orientation, performance appraisal, fair compensation, reward and provide additional facilities, education, empowerment, effective communication, increase the loyalty of employees to company so these titles are applied in our company..

Ensuring the work health and safety: to increase to the highest level of physical, mental and social well-being of employees and protection of these levels, prevention of deterioration of the health of employees due to poor environmental conditions in which they tried to disrupt the health and protection from the dangers that threaten their lives, placing employees to the best position for their physiological and optimum psychological state, and this is important in terms of maintaining complimented these issues.

Making cultural and social activities: In addition, management of social relations between employees and environment and management of campus of the company is usually under ​​responsibility of the HR department. For example, preparing company dinners all together, corporate holiday that aims to increase performance of the company's employees we do every year, sightseeings, picnic and so on. social and cultural events such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, chess tournaments and sporting events such as sports festivals, food and services management is also often refers to the HR department. Because this type of employee satisfaction activities  quality of life increase and contribute retention of employee so they are done frequently.

Performance evaluation: If you want to increase the performance of a company, it should be given developer feedback about performance of staff. So we make wage increases by performance evaluation 2 times in a year.
Rewarding: to reinforce the desired behaviors and work results, high-performance employees should be rewarded. To this end, a strategy must be identified, policies should be established and reward system should be established. We reward our 5/10/15/20 year-time personnels with gold and plaque and personnels that are honorary or succesful in a year with various gifts in our trip that we do every year. 

Training and Development: Training and development must be fulfilled to ensure the retention of qualified people and to increase their performance. Increase of staff loyalty is known in businesses that have effective training management. In this regard, our personnel’s training costs due to lack of knowledge about position or request of department manager, are supplied by our company.