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Established in Denizli in1977, Mercan Kimya, is known to be Turkey’s first company that produces paraffin.

It is producing various paraffin and paraffin emulsions according to their technical specifications used in candles, matches, paper, textiles, battery, lamination, gunpowder, crayons, polishing, enamel, cable, chroming, casting, leather, knitting, electronic circuit soldering, chipboard, egg viol, concrete casting, concrete admixture material industries.

Yearly 80.000 tons production capacity, Mercan Kimya is producing paraffin, paraffin oils and paraffinic emulsions for the local and foreign markets. It is exporting 60% of its production to 80 countries.

As the result of quality training which started in 1988, Mercan Kimya is conducting its Paraffin Wax and petroleum jelly production activities since year 2000 with the quality assurance certificate (ISO 9000) given by the British Accreditation Association, Global Certification Limited.

Mercan Kimya
Mercan Kimya
Mercan Kimya
Mercan Kimya

President's Message

Reliable Solutions
Gültekin Okay SALGAR

Years ago, I started to work as a officer son. I learned honesty and hard work from my father. I worked tenaciously to create a reliable and reputable company culture with the principles I learned from my parents.

I know what the loneliness and despair in business life. I have always stood by my staff, I appreciated my employees. I enabled them to understand that we manage our company together as family. My ambitions were never be in front of my mind. I constantly give thanks, I did not deviate accuracy and lose my belief to the success.

During my business life, "I would do different job or I do my current job differently," I formed our company culture and policy. We have always been good relations with customers in our country and customers in 85 countries. We produce reliable solutions with our honest commercial relations.

We institutionalized our company many years ago with my colleague and Professional structure of production and management personnels. 

Always, to improve economic and technical products for our customers that we see as our partner, we are trying to contribute to their success. By R & D investments we continue to improve our technology and produce new products 
My greatest desire is to work with my employees peacefully and corporate, and my companys’ continuation for generations as indicated in our family constitution.

Associations that founded by Mr. Salgar or Mr. Salgar is member:

  • Chairman of the Board of South Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Federation (GESIFED)
  • Board Member of Denizli Industrialists and Businessmen Association (DESIAD)
  • Board Member of South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA)


Mercan Kimya which started its operations in 1977, produces paraffin wax emulsion, paraffinic oils and petrolatum for domestic and foreign markets. Our firm that exports 60% of production to 35 countries, has proven its quality in domestic and foreign markets and has gained the trust of customers.


In 8 years time by R & D and using new technologies, with high quality products we develop for synthetic paraffin and new sectors, to be closer location to raw materials and market, growing in net profit and average 15% growth annual until 2015, to be the first known company in Turkey, being one of the first five companies in Europe.


Quality control is needed for standardization of company’s products. The continuity of the quality of the offered products gives confidence to the customer. As Mercan Kimya we are paying great attention to quality control. In production, quality control and R & D studies; we serve our experienced staff consisting of chemical engineers, chemists and chemistry technicians. All kinds of raw materials received, technical controls in production processes and all analysis to the final product are made with quality control technical staff. Our technical staff work in laboratory and quality control, do any technical checks as if they are an employee of our customer, carefully. Witness samples of products that shipped to our customers, are stored in our laboratory a long time. Quality control and customer satisfaction are always foreground.